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What are you doing to assure positive product reviews? Think your competition is sitting still? Think again. Give editors the one tool that will make them eager to review your product: a customized step-by-step product-reviewer’s guide.

These stories are real. Don’t let this happen to you!


Case #1: Printer maker lobbies for review of new industrial line printer. When article appears, vendor is aghast. Editor misunderstands underlying technology, erroneously compares unit to a laser printer, deems product a failure, causing vendor embarrassment, anguish, and lost sales.

Case #2: Vendor sends beta software product with incomplete documentation, and requiring enormous effort to install—without demonstrating compelling value in return. Editor on deadline doesn’t have time; uses CD for a coffee-mug coaster.


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Case #3: Creator of DVD application convinces influential editor to do a review. Instruction sheet omits one small but crucial step. Havoc ensues, review is delayed, costing vendor a month’s worth of editorial exposure.

Case #4: Nearing deadline for roundup of network switches, editor hits a snag, gets stacked up in tech-support phone queue. Problem isn’t solved in time; product is dropped from article.


Joel Shore was co-founder of the Computer Reseller News Test Center and its director for nearly a decade. His unparalleled expertise is why vendors of high-tech and consumer-electronics products turn to him to craft the reviewer’s guides on which today’s busy editors rely.


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A reviewer’s guide explains what your product doesand what it doesn’t do.





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