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Helping editors put your product center stage

Editors know a product’s documentation isn’t enough when it comes to testing. Reviewers guides from Joel Shore identify the top features a reader should know about your product, what to expect from testing, and what to look for in competing products.



Reviewer’s guides gather the information editors need to write a complete review—and to do so quickly. It’s all there, written in an impartial, breezy style that any harried editor will recognize as “publication ready.”

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We include all components necessary to construct a comprehensive publication-ready review. Armed with alternative headlines, lead paragraphs, and conclusions that vary in tone, writers can tailor a review that’s appropriate for their readership.


Contact Joel Shore today to discuss upcoming product reviews. Learn why Joel Shore is the best choice to develop your custom-crafted product reviewer’s guides. Your competitors may have already called.



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The extensive reviewer’s guide Joel Shore wrote for us anticipated and answered the questions that editors were asking.”




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