Executive Profiles

Compelling portraits of top management

Everybody knows their names. But in these times of corporate turmoil, itís vital that we know who they are. Editors, investors, analysts, and customers will discover the human side of your companyís senior managers when they read a one-of-a-kind portrait thoroughly researched and elegantly crafted by Joel Shore. Your press kits, Web site, and annual report are unfinished until they include a personal profile of each top executive.


Read these executive profiles authored by Joel Shore:

Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corp.

Eric Benhamou, Chairman, 3Com Corp.

Chuck Geschke, Chairman and Co-Founder, Adobe Systems Inc.

Are your chairman, CEO, and CFO happy with their image in the media?
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Joel Shore has authored personal profiles of many industry luminaries:

Microsoftís Bill Gates

3Comís Eric Benhamou

Adobeís Chuck Geschke

AOLís Steve Case

Novellís Ray Noorda



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