Retail Copywriting

Create the need. Make the sale.



In the store or in the Sunday paper, youíve got only a second to get the customerís attention. They blink, theyíre gone. And in this business climate, one lost sale is one too many.


Your message is everything. Make it clear. Keep it short. Make them buy. . .  Then stop.


Joel Shore grew up in retail. Heís been a buyer. Merchandise planner. Point-of-sale director.


Do you think like your customer? See what your customer sees? Maybe youíre too close. You need an impartial expert. Great timing and great targeting arenít enough. You need great copy.


Contact Joel Shore for a confidential consultation. Do it today.



Gotta get it now

Shoes. Screwdrivers. Apparel. It doesnít matter. If they donít buy it at your store today, they might buy it at someone elseís tomorrow.






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