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Product Reviewer’s Guides (learn more)

Logitech MX Laser Mouse (4M)

Cloudmark Authority Enterprise Antispam (616K)

Lexmark T420 duplexing laser printer (320K)

Powerware 5125 uninterruptible power supply (937K)


White Papers (learn more)

Avocent KVM Buyers Guide (1.3M)

Logitech Wireless Mouse Technology Overview (117K)

Cisco IP Telephony Security (125K)

Executive Software Patch Management (81K)


Sponsored Product Reviews (learn more)

Tape Drives: DAT72, DLT160, VXA-2 (44K)


Case Studies

Lexmark Medical Solution (2M)

Executive Software profile of UnumProvident (89K)





The reviewers guide Joel Shore developed for us identified two features that he believed consumers would find compelling, features that we didn’t position up front. He was right.” 


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