White Papers

Readable. Compelling. Convincing.

A white paper helps readers understand. Understand your company. Understand its philosophy. Understand a new product. Or understand a new technology initiative.

Unfortunately, most white papers are so densely written, they are a chore—and often a bore—to read. Joel Shore crafts high-quality white papers, written in an accessible and engaging, yet authoritative and penetrating tone, that ensures your key message gets read and gets remembered.

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Successful White Papers:

Educate potential customers

Introduce a new technology concept

Interpret a new methodology

Show how to cut costs or boost productivity


White Papers Are Not:

Sales brochures

Press releases

Price lists

Specification sheets



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“Joel learned our technology quickly and crafted a white paper that was a key part of our recent national press tour. I recommend him without hesitation.”

—Brent Israelsen,
Chairman and CEO,
NxLight Inc.














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