Content Development Services

Insightful. Accurate. Compelling. Custom-crafted. On time.

Words are the key to success. Choose carefully and your audience will embrace your message. But choose poorly and even the best product may not be properly understood by editors or potential customers.

Joel Shore creates impeccably written, custom-crafted editorial content for print or Web use. White papers. Product reviewer’s guides. Customer success stories. Sales Guides. Corporate back grounders. Executive profiles. Feature stories. And more. Whether you are a product vendor, publication, or electronic-media outlet, Joel Shore will craft editorial content to your exacting specifications.

Vendors Hardware, Software, Services

 Product Reviewer’s Guides - Give busy editors the tools to publish a positive review

 White Papers - Tell your company’s story; brand your proprietary technology

 Sponsored Product Reviews - Expert comparative reviews for product launches, press kits

 Executive Profiles - Up close and personal with the leaders of industry

 Case Studies - Customer success stories to convince potential customers

 Corporate Backgrounders - Your corporate history, milestones, challenges overcome

 Product Documentation - User guides and instruction manuals

Newspapers & Magazines Print, Web, In-Store, In-House

 Retail Copywriting - Catalog, fliers, advertisements

 Feature Stories - Technology trends, case studies

 Product Reviews - Timely, and tailored for your audience

 News Analysis - What does it mean? The pro knows.

 Opinion Columns - The real story, with the spin stripped away

Broadcast Media Commentary, Quotation Sound Bytes, Product Reviews

 Television - On-camera emcee, news analysis, “gadget guy” appearances

 Radio - Sound bites and analysis for breaking news and in-depth stories






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